A Brief Note

There’s a lot going on in worker safety and for me personally. As I write this I take a break from reviewing my speech that I will deliver (sadly not in costume) at the National Safety Council tomorrow in Philadelphia,PA (though I am staying in Alantic City New Jersey; it’s a long story.) in addition to speaking I will be covering the conference for Facility Safety Management magazine meeting readers at the FSM booth, facing smug whiny cry babies whose feelings I hurt in the October issue of ISHN, and meeting with the editor of Fabricating & Metalworking magazine Phil La Duke’s The Safe Side October edition finally available on line http://www.fabricatingandmetalworking.com/2011/10/approaching-safety-holistically/ oh, and I was interviewed by H&S magazine.
I will be tweeting on the show via philladuke and. RockfordgreeneI. (isn’t it time you followed them?)
In the meantime if you need a fix of my wild ranting check out one of my four published articles this month or www.rockfordgreeneinternational.wordpress.com

Oh and for those of you looking to confirm my name on ISHN’s list of the 101 most influential people in safety (a preliminary list was leaked several weeks ago) look for the list in January. And I have received unofficial word that I word that I will in fact be on the list. Thanks to all of you who have read, recommended, and reposted my posts and those of Rockford Greene International.


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