Extra: Live From The National Safety Council (Courtesy of LSS Lab Safety Supply)

A great big thank you to all who attended my presentation today at the National Safety Council in Philadelphia.  What struck me the most (no pun intended) was the spirited discussion that grew out of the topic.  The session was well attended and the group seemed genuinely engaged in increasing near miss reporting.  I have articles in ISHN, Fabricating & Metalworking, and Facilities Safety Management magazine (all exhibitors at  the show—so if you are in the neighborhood, drop by and pick up a copy) that will soon be linked here.

The show seems to have less attendees this year, and far less participants from overseas, but it seems like there are far more decision makers here than ever before.  

If you are at the show, stop by Facility Safety Management’s booth and say hi.  They are your best bet for tracking me down.


p.s. special thanks to Lab Safety Supply for the web access that allows me to update the blog.