Why I Continue to Criticize Behavior Based Safety

So much of a stink has been raised about this, I thought I’d repost and stir the pot

The Safety Net

Much has been made of my criticisms of Behavior Based Safety.  For some, my questioning of BBS is essentially a personal affront.  Others accuse me of offering criticisms without providing viable alternatives. For the record, I don’t feel I have to offer any alternatives—and yes, I am publicly saying that if you knowing sell, promote or advocate a systems (safety or otherwise) that you know doesn’t work or that costs more than it will ever recoup, you are a conman, a thief, and yes a snake oil salesman and you know how you are so spare me your false indignation.

Despite all the hoopla about my criticisms of BBS and my repeated requests to those who would shout me down as charlaton who knows nothing of BBS to define the quintessential elements of a BBS program no one has responded.  There seems to be little consensus on the definition of…

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