Note to My Readers

By Phil LaDuke

Thank you all who expressed concern about my absence the last week. I am okay. I had a post I wasn’t completely satisfied and had intended to edit it and post it last Monday. I was travelling and working so the prospect was a bit on the wearying side. And then my daughter called me to tell me that, owing to a 500 year storm in my native Detroit, I had 18 inches of water in my finished (now in more ways than one) basement. The damage was extensive (upwards of $5000-$10,000) and left me with foul-smelling soggy remains of what were once my possessions. I spent the bulk of the weekend doing back-breaking work hauling stuff out of my basement.

I was blessed. After all, no matter what sentimental attachment I may have had to all of these things it was all just stuff. I was spared raw sewage back up and injury. As disheartening as it was, I was one of the lucky ones. As for the post, well I never did get happy with it and so maybe at some point it will see the light of day and maybe not.