Dear Readers:

Last week I celebrated my tenth anniversary as a blogger ( I think, there was a time when I was given an ultimatum to either have all my articles censored by an employer or lose my job (ironically the same employer who ordered me to start blogging, I resisted because I thought (and think) that blogging is for bellyachers and malcontents who don’t write all that well and generally have an exaggerated sense of there own importance in the universe. Maybe that describes me to a tee, but I have to acknowledge that there over the past ten years there have been some great bloggers emerge and what was once a haven for emotionally overwrought teenagers has grown into an art form in it’s own right.
The first piece I wrote, What’s Wrong With Safety Training and How To Fix It as a white paper that was posted on O/E Learning’s website and quickly was published by Fabricating & Metalworking magazine it wasn’t long before I had written 45 articles, mostly in a monthly column, The Safe Side. My editor, Mike Riley, is a saint who put up with my last minute submissions, blown deadlines, and more than a couple of bland columns. My publisher, Tony Morrison, was beloved and it was a shock to all of us when, tragically he died suddenly at the age of 44. I haven’t published my column in about six months. Mike and I talked and decided that all would be better served if I just submitted pieces and he would run them throughout the year where they fit editorially. I recently shared with Mike that I was looking to scale back on my writing (at my height I was churning out 10,000 words a month). I was approaching 100 published works (not counting blogs or guest blogs even for respected blogs like MONSTER, ISHN, or and I thought it would be nice to retire from Fabricating & Metalworking with a five part series. I had hoped to have the last of these published in June which would mark my 10 year anniversary at the magazine, sadly that won’t happen. The magazine has been sold and it’s hard to say which direction the magazine will go, but it is certain that Mike will not be able to read the three articles currently in his in-basket and there is no chance that I will hit my goal of 50 and out.
So I’m looking for a home for the series, it’s focused on business owners and Operations leaders and their roles in the foundations of safety. I’m submitting works to ISHN and Health & Safety International, but these don’t feel right for these audiences. At around 1,000 words a piece they are too long for Facility Safety Management and Entrepreneur magazines. They’re not prurient enough for Penthouse Forum so I am looking for a magazine that might be interested in publishing them (hell at this point I would settle for a coloring book). So please if you have any suggestions let me know. Otherwise, they will end up on the trash heap in my computer with the sundry pieces that I started and abandoned because they never came together.
Thanks to all of you who have helped me to achieve the meager success that I have, and don’t be shy in telling me where I can send this series of articles