Forgetting Andy: Why Scare Tactics Don’t Work

there’s been some recent interest in this piece so I thought I would reblog it to my current site

The Safety Net

By Phil La Duke

If you’ve been in or around the safety industry for more than fifteen minutes or so you likely know “Andy”[1].  Andy is a safety pseudo celebrity who makes his living telling the story of how he was horrifically injured in an industrial accident, because by his account he failed to follow the rules. Rules, he’s quick to recount, that were put in place for his protection.  Andy now makes his living speaking to safety audiences who nod knowingly in silent reproachful agreement.

There are many, “Andys” out there. They are well-intentioned, good people who desperately want to share their stories. They want nothing more than to glean some tiny kernel of good to come out of their tragedies.  My issue isn’t with the Andys of the world; do they make money off their situation? Sure, but so what? Several of these Andys are good…

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