Recent Articles in Print

By Phil La Duke

Given that I likely won’t be doing much speaking this year (not really—these things have a way of popping without a lot of notice— I have devoted myself to doing more work for publication. Recently the toad of an editor I used to have left Entrepreneur and she was replaced by a great lead editor who quickly chewed through the back log and I saw three articles hit print in less than two weeks.  They aren’t about safety, they are about succeeding in life and in business, two skills I personally happen to think are pretty important to safety professionals.  I hope you enjoy them and spread the word (I won’t be posting this in groups in LinkedIn—It posts to my status automatically—but if you think them worthwhile please feel free to do so, but Entrepreneur asks that you include ” This column was originally published on on DATE HERE” with the original link.

The Only 2 Answers You Need to Figure Your Next Move  (Originally published on on April 15, 2016) This article is based on some really solid advice I received from one of my mentors who is both wise and business savvy. This advice worked so well for me that I decided others might benefit as well.

5 Business Lessons I Learned From Surfing (Originally published on on April 11, 2016) Is an article I have wanted to write for almost 15 years but honestly didn’t think anyone would publish it.  I am the world’s worst surfer, but being out on the waves in sun and solitude really clears your head and gives you time to think.  Thank you to Entrepreneur for finally giving this a home by printing it.

6 Questions Customers Ask Themselves Before Making a Major Purchase  (Originally published on on March 14, 2016) Grew out of the fact that I have sat in both chairs—both the seller and the buyer and I am continually amazed at how out of touch sellers can be (they act like preadolescent boys trying to screw up the courage to ask out a girl) since nobody I work with seems to care or see the value in my experience I thought I would share it with you.

Confined Space Challenges (Originally published on 15th Feb 2016 in Health and Safety International ) Is a mammoth 2,500 behemoth of an article dealing with confined space issues (obviously this one IS about safety) and has less of my snarky charm than you might have become accustomed, but it is a comprehensive look at the dangers of confined space. H&SI is based in the UK and this magazine was designed to target a European audience but much of the content is universal.