A Complete Listing Of My Published Works

by Phil La Duke

For those of you interested in such things, here is an up to date (I shall endeavor to keep it such) list of my published work, speeches, and appearances.

  1. 10 Ways to Reinvent Your Safety Incentive Program (ISHN)
  2. 3 Ways That Success Can Kill Your Company  (Entrepreneur)
  3. 4 Things About Cultivating Thought Leaders The Company Might Regret (Entrepreneur)
  4. 5 Business Lessons I’ve Learned From Surfing (Entrepreneur)
  5. 5 Leadership Secrets Stolen From Other People  (Entrepreneur)
  6. 5 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Launch (Entrepreneur)
  7. 5 Questions to Decide If You Need a Business Partner (Entrepreneur)
  8. 5 Surefire Ways to Wreck Your Social Media Network (Entrepreneur)
  9. 5 Things Presenters Usually Get Wrong (Entrepreneur)
  10. 5 Ways to Attract and Retain Millennials (Entrepreneur)
  11. 5 Ways to Avoid Cash Flow Log Jams (Entrepreneur)
  12. 6 Attitudes That Can Get You Killed At Work (Workers’ Compensation Institute)
  13. 6 Questions Customers Ask Before a Major Purchase (Entrepreneur)
  14. 6 Rules For Effective Feedback (Entrepreneur)
  15. 6 Simple Ways to Change Your Life   (ISHN)
  16. 6 Things Millennials Need to Know About the Modern Workplace (Entrepreneur)
  17. 6 Tips For Goal Setting That, Trust Me, They Don’t Teach You In College (Entrepreneur)
  18. 6 Tips For Reducing Time Wasted In Meetings (Entrepreneur)
  19. 6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety Without Going Broke (Entrepreneur)
  20. 7 Easy Ways You Can Increase Safety On a Budget (Entrepreneur)
  21. A @#$# storm In Texas (ISHN)
  22. A Compelling Business Case For Safety (ISHN)
  23. A Culture Of Myths (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  24. A Day In the Life Of An Ergonomist (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  25. A Eulogy for Meetings (Entrepreneur)
  26. A Template For World-Class Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  27. Adapt Or Die—Some Chilling Lessons From the Ice Businesss (Entrepreneur)
  28. An Obituary for the 40-hour Workweek (Entrepreneur)
  29. Anti-Social Networking  (ISHN)
  30. Applying Deming To Workplace Safety (ISHN)
  31. Applying Total Quality Management to Safety (The Compass Volume 10)
  32. Approaching Safety Holistically (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  33. Are Safety Professionals Obsessed With the Wrong Things? (ISHN)
  34. Are You Turning A Blind Eye On Safety? (ISHN)
  35. Asleep On The Job (Health & Safety International)
  36. At What Point Does Safety Become Overly Intrusive? (ISHN)
  37. Becoming a Billionaire in Six Insanely Simple Steps (LinkedIn)
  38. Before Offering Feedback Consider If You’re Trying to Teach a Pig to Sing (Entrepreneur)
  39. Behavior-Based Safety: A Critic Assesses Its Shortcomings (ISHN)
  40. Beware Common Sense Can Kill You (ISHN)
  41. Bleeding Money: How Much Does Safety Really Cost? (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  42. Bleeding Money: How Much Does Safety Really Cost? True Costs Go Beyond PPE, Wages Paid To Safety Dept. (ISHN)
  43. Breaking Down Resistance (ISHN)
  44. Bridging the Gap: Just Culture and Accountability (HR Pulse Journal)
  45. Changing Your Corporate Culture In Three Easy Steps (Entrepreneur)
  46. Chemical Hazards: Keeping The Workplace Safe (Health & Safety International (UK publication))
  47. Compliance Tool: Software Only As Good As Your Process (Facility Safety Management)
  48. Compliance With Rules Begins With Rules That Are Just (Workers’ Compensation Institute)
  49. Confined Space Challenges: The Best Defence is a Good Offence (Health & Safety International(UK publication))
  50. Corporations Just Want To Survive (ISHN)
  51. Crafting A Fierce Vision For Success (Entrepreneur)
  52. Creating Safety Cultures In Off Shore Operations (Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering)
  53. Crying Over Spilt Milk: Mistakes Are Inevitable Injuries Are Not (ISHN)
  54. Customer Service Representatives Are Your Public Face (Entrepreneur)
  55. Dear Victims Of Workplace Fatalities (ISHN)
  56. Deming: Culture Transformation Is Everyone’s Job (ISHN)
  57. Deming on Safety Pt 1 (QHSE Focus)
  58. Deming on Safety Pt 2 (QHSE Focus)
  59. Deming on Safety Pt 3 (QHSE Focus)
  60. Deming’s 14 Points for Safety Applying Total Quality Management to Reduce Workplace Risk (Facility Safety Management)
  61. Developing An Environmental Plan (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  62. Do People Really Care About Safety? Phil La Duke Says “No”  (ISHN)
  63. Does Your On-Boarding Process Give New Hires the Urge to Flee? (Entrepreneur)
  64. Don’t Sell Yourself Short In The Gig Economy (Entrepreneur)
  65. Don’t Get Zapped: Six Electrical Scenarios (ISHN)Co-Authored with Jack Rubiner
  66. Don’t Hurt Yourself (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  67. Don’t Wait Until The End of The Game To Start Keeping Score (Entrepreneur)
  68. Effective Feedback An Essential Part of Any Safety Incentive Program (Facility Safety Management)
  69. Electronic Performance Support: The Changing Face of Safety Training (Facility Safety Management)
  70. Ending Vestigial Safety Practices (HSE Now) The official publication of the Society Of Petroleum Engineers.
  71. Engagement: The Key To Changing Your Safety Culture (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  72. Fairness Is The Foundation Of A Safety Culture (ISHN)
  73. Four Excuses We Make To Ourselves When We Hire the Wrong People (Entrepreneur)
  74. Four Reasons, Eight Lessons (Facility Safety Management)
  75. For Your Consideration: 10 Resolutions For EHS Pros For 2013 (ISHN)
  76. Fraidy Cats: How Fear Affects Worker Safety Are We Too Afraid To Stay Safe (ISHN)
  77. Freeze! Should You Restrict Smart Devices in the Workplace? (Workers’ Compensation Institute)
  78. Goal-Oriented Training: Eliminate Lethal Knowledge Gaps (Facility Safety Management)Going From Failure to Failure Without Loss of Enthusiasm (Entrepreneur)
  79. Hazard Analysis: Working In A Perfect World (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  80. Here’s How to Determine If College Is Worth the Cost (Entrepreneur)
  81. Here’s Why Entrepreneurs Ought to Value Mainstream Media (Entrepreneur)
  82. How I Failed As A Mentor (Entrepreneur)
  83. How Your Job Will Kill You: Considering the Top Causes of Workplace Fatalities (ISHN)
  84. HR of safety who’s responsible for stopping workplace bullying (ISHN)
  85. I Never Planned To Grow Up Making Entrepreneurship Inevitable (Entrepreneur)
  86. I Used Social Media and Blogging to Become Famous For Nothing (Entrepreneur)
  87. I Would Never Belong To A Group That Would Have Me As A Member: The Rise Of The Self-Loathing Safety Professional (ISHN)
  88. If 80 Percent of Success Is Showing Up than 20 Percent Is Following Up (Entrepreneur\
  89. If A Temp Dies on the Job Does it Count (ISHN
  90. If The Middle Class Continues To Shrink Safety Loses An Important Ally. (ISHN)
  91. If You Don’t Have Something Important To Say About Safety Then Shut Up (ISHN
  92. If You Want To Change The Culture Focus on “Must Do” Behaviors Not “Don’t Do” Behaviors (ISHN)
  93. In Event of a Catastrophe, Are Mass Evacuations Practical? (Facility Safety Management)
  94. Is Social Media Dead for Safety Professionals? (ISHN)
  95. Is the Gig Economy Sustainable? (Entrepreneur)
  96. Is Your Personal Elevator Pitch Incoherent Babble? (Entrepreneur)
  97. Is Your Workplace Ripe For A Serious Injury? (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  98. Is Your’s A Fear-Driven Culture? (ISHN)Is workplace bullying a threat to worker safety? And if so what can be done about it? (ISHN
  99. It’s Sell or Die Because Sales Are the Lifeblood of Every Company (Entrepreneur)
  100. It’s A Cold World for Cold Callers (Entrepreneur)
  101. Just Culture (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  102. Keeping Temporary Workers Safe Isn’t Your Problem? Think Again    (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  103. Legitmizing Risk (ISHN)
  104. Let’s Get Out of the Blame and Shame Business (ISHN)
  105. Lone-Gunman Based Safety (ISHN)
  106. Loss of Net Neutrality Risks a Less Friendly Internet for Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur)
  107. Making Safety Talks Better (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  108. Managing Conflict Is Essential to Success (Entrepreneur)
  109. Managing Your Career Like A Business (Entrepreneur)
  110. Manufacturing Engineers Holistics Heroes Of Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  111. Mercurial View Of Safety (QHSE Focus Premier Issue)
  112. Mining Safety (HSME magazine)
  113. Misleading Indicators (ISHN)
  114. Mouthing Off About Safety (ISHN)
  115. Near Misses (Fabricating & Metalworking Magazine)
  116. New Year’s Resolutions for Safety Professionals (ISHN)
  117. OSHA Has No Regulation For Sleep Deprivation – But You Must Know Who Is Fit For Duty (ISHN)
  118. Playing It Safe Is No Path To Safety (ISHN)
  119. ‘PPE Doesn’t Look Good’: Six Attitudes That Can Get You Killed (Facility Safety Management)
  120. Preparing For An Uncertain Future: What Tommorow’s Safety Professional Should be Studying Today (Facility Safety Management)
  121. Proposed: Change Our Name From the Safety Profession to the Injury Prevention Profession (ISHN)
  122. Protect Your Dignity Cease And Desist These Four Misplaced Efforts (ISHN)
  123. Pulling It All Together (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  124. Pulling Safety Out Of Its Rut: the Value Of A Different Look At Safety (ISHN)
  125. Put Some Clothes On and Get To Work: Tips For Working at Home (Entrepreneur)
  126. Quacks shilling safety transformations (ISHN)
  127. Recruiting Hesitant Job Seekers: Today’s Economy Mixes Job Dissatisfaction And Fear (ISHN)
  128. Requiem For Prevention (ISHN)
  129. Risky Stunts, Skydiving And SFX: Movie Production Safety Supervisors (ISHN)
  130. Road rash: Business Travel & Injuries How Big A Problem Is It? (ISHN)
  131. Rules Only Protect People If They Follow Them (ISHN)
  132. Safety Aint What It Used To Be (ISHN)
  133. Safety As Sustainability (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  134. afety In the Digital Age: Regulating Worker Use of Distracting Devices (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  135. Safety Isn’t Immune To Hiring for Technical Skills And Firing For Interpersonal Skills (ISHN)
  136. Safety Pros are Obsessed About The Wrong Things (ISHN)
  137. Safety Slogans Don’t Save Lives (ISHN)
  138. Safety the New Competitive Advantage In A World Of Liability (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  139. Safety: Are You Good Or Just Lucky? (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  140. Scope Creep, the Killer of Projects (Entrepreneur
  141. Selling Safety To Alpha Dogs (ISHN)
  142. Selling Safety Revisited (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  143. Social Media Opportunities for Safety Professionals (Facility Safety Management)
  144. Speak Your Mind But Know Your Facts (Entrepreneur)
  145. Stereotypes Get A Bad Rap (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  146. Sustaining Culture Change By Building a Safety Infrastructure (ISHN)
  147. Taking A New Look At Safety (ISHN)
  148. Taking Control Of Your Career (MonsterWORKING.com)
  149. The 14 Points of Workplace Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  150. The Art of Screwing Up (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  151. The Basics of Safety: Behavior Based Safety vs Process Based Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  152. The Basics of Safety: Continuous Improvement And Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  153. The Basics of Safety: Process-Based Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  154. The Basics Of Safety: What Constitutes A Safe Workplace? (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  155. The Bedrock of Performance Management? Communication of Acceptable Behavior (Entrepreneur)
  156. The Biggest Threat To Safety Might Just Be You And I (ISHN)
  157. The Changing Face of Safety Measurement   (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  158. The Danger of Body Counts And Shoddy Data (ISHN)
  159. The Death of the Safety Guy    (Fabricating & Metalworking Magazine)
  160. The Entrepreneurial Mystique: 5 Common Misconceptions About Starting a Business (Entrepreneur)
  161. The Folly Of Safety Reminders (ISHN)
  162. The Greatest Threat to Safety Might Be You and I (sic) (ISHN)
  163. The 6 Pillars Of Safety (ISHN)
  164. The Greatest Threat to Safety Might Be Your Safety Training (ISHN)
  165. The Imaginary Life and Wild Times of Milo Quaife (Entrepreneur)
  166. The Injury Continuum (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  167. The Last Eight Years Were Pretty Good For Many Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur)
  168. The Myth Of The Perfect Process   (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  169. The Only 2 Answers You Need to Figure Your Next Move (Entrepreneur)
  170. The Rise Of The Safety Extremist (ISHN)
  171. The Role of Training in the Safety Process
  172. The Safety Generalist (Fabricating & Metalworking magazine)
  173. The Second Slowest Gazelle: A Success Strategy (Entrepreneur)
  174. To Get More Out Of People Hone Your Feedback Skills (Entrepreneur)
  175. To Punish or Not to Punish Just Culture and Accountability: Can They Co-Exist? (Facility Safety Management)
  176. Top 5 Reasons NOT to Become An Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur
  177. Tweet At Your Own Risk (Entrepreneur)
  178. Unions Go To War With Behavior Based Safety (Fabricating & Metalworking Magazine)
  179. Universal Ownership and Accountability (ISHN)
  180. Using Social Media for Business Without Bleaching Out the Social (Entrepreneur)
  181. Using Technology to Streamline New Hire Training and Course Evaluation (Journal of Applied Learning Technology)
  182. Values Are Learned In the Halls, Not Off the Walls (Entrepreneur)
  183. Voting Is A Right. Exercise It Wisely (Entrepreneur)
  184. Wake Up: The Life You Safe May Be Mine (ISHN)
  185. Wake Up: The Life You Save Might Be Mine (ISHN) different article same name
  186. Want To Change The World? Maybe Try Being An Intrapreneur? (Entrepreneur)
  187. What Being An Entrepreneur Has Taught Me(Entrepreneur)
  188. What Do You Owe Your First Employees: Is Joining A Start Up Worth It (Entrepreneur)
  189. What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Worker Safety (Entrepreneur)
  190. What Exec Ever Said Lets Just Be Profitable Enough? (ISHN)
  191. What Happened? (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  192. What Should Tomorrow’s Safety Pro Be Studying Today? (ISHN)
  193. What Would Doris Do? (ISHN)
  194. What’s Wrong With Safety Training And How To Fix It (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  195. When Good Sales Promotions Go Bad (Entrepreneur)
  196. When it Comes To Safety, Fix the Problem Not the Blame (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  197. When It Comes To Unsafe Behaviors, There’s Plenty Of Blame To Go Around Too Many Safety Professionals Act Like Institutional Eunuchs (ISHN)
  198. When You Understand Stress You Can Manage It (Entrepreneur)
  199. Where’s the Value In Safety Day? (ISHN)
  200. Who Needs a Safety Guy? (ISHN)
  201. Who Needs An Environmental Hygienist? (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  202. Why Does Multi-Level Marketing See Millennials as Easy Pickings? (Entrepreneur)
  203. Why Housekeeping And Static Electricity Are No Longer No Big Deal (ISHN)
  204. Why Safety Fails: When Good Safety Systems Go Bad (ISHN)
  205. Why Smart Workers Make Deadly Decisions: Biases, Blunders And Cognitive Traps (ISHN)
  206. Why We Violate the Rules (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  207. Why We Violate The Rules Revisited (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  208. Why You Should Care About Student Loan Debt (Entrepreneur)
  209. Worker Safety Is an Entrepreneurial Imperative (Entrepreneur
  210. Working In the Line of Fire (Fabricating & Metalworking)
  211. Working In The Line Of Fire (ISHN)
  212. World-Class Safety (ISHN)
  213. You Want to be Published? Be Careful What You Wish For. (Entrepreneur)
  214. You Can Embrace Failure But Don’t Expect A Big Hug From the Business World When You Do (Entrepreneur)
  215. You Have to Bring More to the Table Than Your Bright Idea (Entrepreneur)
  216. You Shall Be Judged By the Company You Keep (Entrepreneur)
  217. You’re Not the Boss Of Me: It’s Not the Message It’s How It’s Delivered   (ISHN)
  218. You’re Only As Safe As Your Contractors (Worker’s Compensation Institute)
  219. Your Mother Doesn’t Wor

Speeches (partial list)

  • The Role of Safety In Operations Excellence, Automation Alley, 2006, Troy, MI
  • Not Just Average, Michigan Safety Conference, 2007, Grand Rapids, MI
  • You Get What You Measure, National Safety Council, 2007, Orlando, FL
  • Selling Safety In Tough Times, National Safety Council, 2007, Orlando FL
  • Six Secrets of the World’s Safest Companies: What They Know and You Should Too, Michigan Safety Conference and Expo, 2008 Lansing MI
  • Safety As A Competitive Advantage, National Safety Council, 2008, San Diego, CA
  • Taking Control Of Workplace Safety, 2009, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • The Role of Training in the Safety Process, Society for Applied Training Technology (SALT) Washington Summit, 2009, Washington DC
  • Leveraging Technology In The New Hire Orientation Process, Society for Applied Training Technology (SALT) Washington Summit, 2009, Washington DC
  • Using Safety To Drive Lean Implementation, Society Manufacturing Engineers EASTEC Lean and Green Symposium, 2009, East Salem, MA
  • Six Secrets Of the World’s Safest Companies: What They Know and You Should Too, Michigan Safety Conference, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI
  • Creating Safety Cultures In Off-Shore Operations, National Safety Council Texas Conference and Expo, 2009 The Woodlands, TX
  • Maintaining a Safe Workplace Despite Radical Downsizing, Michigan safety Conference 2010 Lansing, MI
  • Selling Safety In Tough Times, XIV Seminario Internacional De Seguridad Minera, in Lima, Peru. 2010
  • Challenging Safety Improvement Great Plains Safety& Wellness April , 2010
  • The Seventh Value, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) , 2010
  • Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here: Why Housekeeping Matters National Safety Council Texas Exposition and Conferrence , 2010 Galveston, TX
  • Why We Violate The Rules, Michigan Safety Conference, 2011, Lansing, MI
  • Why We Violate The Rules, Great Plains Safety& Wellness Conference , 2012, Kearney, NE
  • A Culture Of Myths, Great Plains Safety& Wellness Conference, 2012, Kearney, NE
  • A Culture Of Myths, National Safety Council , 2012 Philadelphia, PA
  • Safety and Social Networking, National Safety Council , 2013, San Diego, CA
  • Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here: The Importance of Housekeeping and Safety, National Safety Council, 2014 Chicago, IL
  • Safety & Social Networking, National Safety Council Texas Exposition and Conference , 2015 Austin, TX
  • The 3Cs of Safety , National Safety Council , 2015 Atlanta, GA
  • The Importance of Compliance, EH&S Today Leadership Conference, 2015 Greenville, SC
  • It’s Not What You Do; It’s How You Do It, Michigan Safety Conference, 2016, Grand Rapids MI
  • Engaging HR and Other Employees In Safety, Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, Risk Management Workshop, Lansing, MI 2017





Appearances and Citations