I need your help

To all the loyal followers of my blog:

A publisher is interested in making a sort of a “Best of the Blog” book of my blog posts.  I have two blogs this one and https://workersafetynet.wordpress.com .  I have been tasked with selecting 20-25 of my blogs for the book. Given that this blog alone has 385 posts and the other has a hundred or so, I could use your help.  Which of my blog articles are “must includes”?

The title of the book is “I Know My Shoes Are Untied, Mind Your Own Business: An Iconoclast’s View of Worker Safety” and we are shooting for a June prerelease date (you will be able to order it in June, details to follow).  In addition to the previously posted articles I will be adding new material (my goal is to add one new post for every two existing ones.

I am sifting through the blogs and cleaning up some typos, but choosing the right ones is tough, so what do you think? Are there any that you think are especially good?

Also, after the release I would appreciate it if someone could arrange a public book burning—it’s good publicity and it sells books.