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While Phil La Duke  over twenty five years of training, performance improvement, and organizational change experience, he’s perhaps best known for his thought leadership in the world of worker safety. Phil La Duke is a safety strategist, safety culture change consultant,  business writer, speaker and author of nearly 100 published articles.

Phil has implemented performance improvement initiatives in six countries in five languages internationally recognized expert on culture change and performance improvement topics, particularly worker Safety and Lean Manufacturing. He has helped companies all over the world transform their businesses and left them not just better than he found them but also able to sustain their gains over time.

Phil’s aggressive no hold’s barred approach to safety change can be seen here, in his monthly column, The Safe Side for Fabricating and Metalworking magazine, contributions to Entrepreneur magazine, guest posts to’s blog, and and articles for ISHN  and dozens of other safety magazines and journals. His thought-provoking speeches also make Phil popular on the corporate leadership meeting circuit.

Phil’s provocative and often controversial style garnered him positions on ISHN’s Power 101 (a list of the world’s most influential people working in the world of safety) and its list of Up and Comers in Safety Thought Leadership. He is a perennial favorite at the National Safety Council and a widely-sought and popular speaker who has presented at international conferences including: the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSE), the Society for Manufacturing Engineer’s (SME) Lean and Green Symposium at EASTEC, Automation Alley, the Instituto De Minera Segurido (conference on mining safety in the Andes in Lima, Peru), Society for Applied Learning Technologies (SALT) Washington Interactive Technologies conference. Phil is a frequent guest lecturer at Universities and symposiums, including guest lectures at Tulane and Wayne State Universities and the University of Michigan, and his published works are included in the European Process Safety Engineers recommended reading list. Phil is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

In addition to his speaking engagements Phil is a popular consultant and expert wide range of topics; H+S Magazine interviewed him as an expert in worker safety culture improvements and the transportation industry. Go magazine sought Phil’s expertise on workplace productivity; Business And The Environment newsletter interviewed Phil as an expert in problem solving and crisis management and he has been an expert guest in on the Life Coach Hour where he talked about project planning. Most recently Phil was interviewed on the podcast Purpose Rockstar. Phil has been cited as an expert in text books and most recently in Super Teams by best selling author Dr. Paul Marciano.

Phil’s opinions are exclusively his own and do not reflect those of his employer, the publications for whom he writes,  the organizations that ask him to speak, his family, friends, neighbors, pets, imaginary friends, or anyone else who might get chuffed at the suggestion that some how Phil’s insights might reflect badly on them.  In other words, if you don’t like what he’s written blame him and him alone.

Do you want to know more about Phil? Contact him (that guy never shuts up) at 313.244.2525 or at