I’ve had this blog for a while now (I honestly don’t remember when I started it and at one point a vile, twisted turd of a man insisted that I decommission it, but it’s fair to say that it’s been a while) and have accumulated a scant handful of subscribers.  I know anectdotally that I have a fair amount of regular readers and a couple of hundred people read the blog each week. These regular readers seem happy enough reading at their leisure and I in no way want to dissuade them from doing so.  But writing a blog and keeping it interesting relies on a lot of hard work, ambition, and focus—in short, nothing in my wheel house.  So sometimes my deadlines slip and people who come to the blog for new content find themselves disappointed instead.  Subscribers get an email when I update my blog and nothing else—no solicitations from me or wordpress, no sinister addition to a junk email list, and no eastern European emails offering discount Viagra.  So if you’re reading this why not make both our lives a lot easier and subscribe?