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I’ve had this blog for a while now (I honestly don’t remember when I started it and at one point a vile, twisted turd of a man insisted that I decommission it, but it’s fair to say that it’s been a while) and have accumulated a scant handful of subscribers.  I know anectdotally that I have a fair amount of regular readers and a couple of hundred people read the blog each week. These regular readers seem happy enough reading at their leisure and I in no way want to dissuade them from doing so.  But writing a blog and keeping it interesting relies on a lot of hard work, ambition, and focus—in short, nothing in my wheel house.  So sometimes my deadlines slip and people who come to the blog for new content find themselves disappointed instead.  Subscribers get an email when I update my blog and nothing else—no solicitations from me or wordpress, no sinister addition to a junk email list, and no eastern European emails offering discount Viagra.  So if you’re reading this why not make both our lives a lot easier and subscribe?

15 Responses

  1. David F says:

    I’d like to subscribe and get an email when you have a new one out, but I can’t figure out how to do that. The “SUBSCRIBE” button above takes me to an RSS feed. I want to get an email. How do I do that?


    • Phil La Duke says:

      I’m sorry David I don’t know. I will say this. I have a self-imposed deadline of 12 noon EST every Sunday for and 12 midnight Sunday (basically Saturday night). But I have shamefully missed those deadlines occasionally (usually owing to a scheduling foul-up). Does anyone else out there know how to help David?


    • Hi David,

      The easiest way is to create a WordPress account and then “follow”, Phil.

      If you read several authors who use WordPress it is a good way to keep up.


  2. Christie says:

    If you sign up at, you can sign up for multiple blogs and receive summaries to link to them.


  3. i wa t to need bbs safety poster in industry when u want suggest to me


    • Phil La Duke says:

      I would recommend that you abandon BBS in favor of something that will work. Posters aren’t going to change your safety performance


      • maria says:

        I would have to disagree on your point of abandoning BBS. BBS is not just about safety poster, but an effect method of changing the staff attitude on safety. If we demonstrate to the staff how to properly do the job, what you call SWI, we are actually changing the behavior and by changing the behavior we change the attitude. Like you mention in your previous blog there’s no way to know what a person is thinking but I can observe what the staff is doing. Is he performing the task the right way ( and by right I also mean safe) or wrong, I can provide him or her feed -back on the task that he/she is performing and thus removing any personal matter. We all can get very personal about how we do thing so if observe a person I’m only looking at the task. One advice keep your BBS very simple observe and demonstrate.


      • Phil La Duke says:

        BBS Is garbage. I respect your right to disagree but I’ve wasted too much time arguing about it.


  4. Darrell Henagan says:

    So makes sense. Simple but so true


  5. maria says:

    Sorry that you feel that way, because again your SWI is a form of behavior base safety, you are providing actual instruction on how to do the job and the second part of BBS is the observation which reinforces the performance of the workers. I find that a good observation of the staff opens the communication between the staff and management.


    • Phil La Duke says:

      To really. Why is it that whenever I point out flaws in BBS someone counters by changing the definition. I’m sorry but providing a standard work instruction is no more BBS than telling your loved one to be careful when they leave the house. By your reasoning any form of training that demonstrated, hinted at, alluded to, or spread a rumor about safety would be BBS.

      You say that you find a good observation of the staff opens communication between staff and management? Terrific, but while that is Behavioral (in that it involves behaving in some way) it is a far cry from having a formal peer-to-peer evaluation of the operator which is flawed on so many levels that space does not permit me to list them here. But chief among them is that research has shown that test subjects behave differently when they are observed EVEN IF THEY AREN’T AWARE THEY ARE BEING OBSERVED! If one defines BBS broadly enough it can be used to describe everything from voyeurism to a bad episode of Chef Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Why is it so FLIPPING important for BBS kooks for me to accept Tom Krause or Scott Gellar as my personal savior? ENOUGH! I have eaten enough squirrel anus to know I don’t like it.


  6. maria says:

    OMG no one ask you to eat it or like it, just because it does not work for you thus not mean is garbage. this is blog where people share info correct? This will be my last comment because I’m unsubscribing. Have a great day.


    • Phil La Duke says:

      Let me make something nice and sparkling clear: No this is not a blow where people share information, it is where I as the author of the blog write essays (opinion pieces) on whatever I choose. I write about safety, sometimes it’s about what I like and think we should do more of, and sometimes to denounce outmoded, quackery like BBS. And yes, it IS garbage. If you disagree God bless you, but you will find a more sympathetic audience for BBS blathering in BBS forums, BBS discussion threads (both of which are designed for people to debate the topic but are in general little more than mutual admiration societies that extoll the miraculous powers of the snake oil that is BBS.

      I am deeply saddened that this will by your last cheerleading session for BBS, I’m sure I will eventually get over the fact that you no longer subscribe. It will be tough, I know, but with God’s grace I will find the strength to continue my work without you interrupting to tell me what a swell idea BBS is. Please stay in touch; I miss you already


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